Today’s blog article is dedicated to giving you a quick introduction to our new product configurator, which some of you might have already seen. We have spent a lot of time working on this new configurator, and are very proud of it, so we want to make sure that everybody understands how to use it. In a first stage, we decided to implement it for business cards (because we know you love our business cards), and we will progressively be extending it to our other product categories.

First off, let me explain why we decided to completely re-design our configurator. The main reason behind it is that we wanted you to see our prices as fast as possible, saving you time and the (heavy) physical effort of clicking through the different steps of our old configurator. In our new configurator, you conveniently select all the options on the same page through a series of drop-down menus:

Pick your options in the new configurator

This makes it both easier and a lot faster for you to see prices for a given configuration, and also to compare the prices of different configurations. Instead of having to go back multiple steps to change an option, you can now simply select it from the relevant drop-down menu on the same page. The prices are displayed in a convenient raster that gives you a great overview of all our prices, per quantity and per production method:

Pick your quantities and production method

All in all, this configurator should really make your life easier, and help you decide exactly what you want to print by saving your time, and giving you a very clear and complete overview.

To add the product to your cart, just click one of the prices (corresponding to the quantity and production method that you desire). This will open a pop-up asking you to select additional options, and offering the possibility to add the products to your cart or to download a quotation.

Select additional options and Add to Cart!

In addition to the configurator in itself, we have added two interesting new sections under the configurator, that will help you learn more about business cards, and the level of quality that you can expect from printing with Gogoprint. First, read more about our offering and about business cards in general in the Product Details section. Hopefully, this will also help you make the right configuration choices!

Read more about Business cards

Second, check out some products that we printed for previous customers in our Portfolio slider. We added this section so you could have a look for yourself at what level of quality you can expect from Gogoprint. Maybe it will also give you some configuration and design ideas!

View samples in the Portfolio slider

Now that you have been introduced to our new configurator, it’s time to get acquainted with it. Let me therefore suggest that you spend some time trying it out for yourself! Now go configure some, and don’t hesitate to tell us what you think.