It’s Free Template time again, yay! This week, we decided to share with you a blank template for envelopes (No.9 Format), on which you will just have to stick your logo and company information. Really, it should be quite easy for you to create an awesome envelope. You won’t have to worry about margin, bleed, color mode and other basic settings, because we already set all of that in the file for you.

If you are uncertain about how to design your envelope, have a look at our blog post from last week on envelopes and letterheads. It contains all the information you need!

Once you have decided that your envelope artwork is ready to print, just don’t forget a couple of elements:

1. Convert your fonts to outlines (embed them) so there can be no compatibility issues when printing. Read here why you should.

2. Make sure to use images with a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. This is important if you want them to come out in high quality. Read more here.

3. Make sure that the images you use are converted to CMYK. Read more here.

This should ensure that your envelopes come out perfect.We hope you enjoy this free template and will make use of it to market your business. Don’t forget to download it, and share this post.