Flyers / leaflets are one of the most versatile, effective as well as inexpensive marketing tool for your business. In many cases, a well-designed flyer can build a trustworthy brand identity for your business and potential customers. Each year, new design trends will surface and influence the decisions of designers from time to time. If you’re looking to design flyers or leaflets, be sure to follow the latest trend and make it as amazing as it is informative.  

To help you stay on top of your marketing game, here in this article we will bring you through the latest flyers / leaflets  design trend predictions in 2021!


Nature-Inspired Design

Design by: Krzysztof Malinowski

For the last 10 years or so, design with nature elements have been slowly coming up to one of the more popular trends among designers. It goes with minimalist trends, muted colour palettes, illustrations, abstract and more! There are even colour filters that are designed based on nature elements. This design trend is ideal in most occasions as businesses like to associate their brands with rejuvenation, growth and composure. In other words, nature based designs represent a breath of fresh air especially for 2021.


Monochrome & Duotone Design

Design by: Double Vision, Keya Akter, Yasin Arafat

For quite some time, duotone gradients and monochrome palettes became popular among the design community. It gives your design a modern, smooth and cool look and goes well with minimalist design styles. A good benefit of using monochrome / duotone design trends on flyers / leaflets is that it can make your customers focus on important parts of the content, which makes it easier to read due to the simplicity of this design trend!


Chaotic Typography

Design by: Nick Barclay

On the opposite of simplicity, we have chaos! Typography has always been a huge player in design and any printing medium, and 2021 brings a whole new trend with typography. Chaotic typography disrupts the alignment and order of letters and phrases, mixing them up to produce a design that “breaks the rules”. If your business is more to the playful, engaging or casual nature, this could be a good alternative for your flyers and leaflets.


Realism with Flat Design

Design by: Turash Sultana

Realism with flat design style combines real-life objects with flat shapes, vectors, text or even illustration. This trend is popular in flyers / leaflets because real-life objects can make the design authentic and relatable. When combined with flat visual elements, it stands out much more when presenting a product to the customer. Its unconventional combo of styles, techniques and dimensions has found a place in the heart of modern designers.


Gold and Metallic Design

Design by: muflon studio., Weronika Mehr, Maria Prochaczek

Gold is a premium color that can give any design a luxurious, glamorous, high-end feel to it. Overtime, this color theme has increased in popularity and with good reason. This design trend gives your flyer / leaflet a nice touch of class and texture. Plus with a more muted and modern edge, the metallic look can also be used alongside with other contrasting textures, colours and materials. Silver, bronze, rose gold and other metallic colors are strong contenders as well, but gold is the true representative of the word "premium". 



We hope these latest design trend predictions are useful and can serve as inspiration for you to create your very own unique flyers / leaflets. There is also no harm in experimenting by mixing different design elements and create a new trend instead. If you’ve designed your flyers, try printing with us for great results!  Here in gogoprint, we offer a wide range of different  materials, sizes, and finishes for you to pick from. With the variety we offer, you’ll be sure to get the best for your design.