Complete Guide to “Die-Cut Stickers” - What is it exactly?

In a highly competitive market across almost all industries, the development of strategies to elevate brands and build strong marketing foundations requires more focus than ever before. “Die-cut stickers” are one of the most influential and cost-effective ways to promote a brand. However, how can we utilize them to maximize marketing strategies? Today we have answers.

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Unveiling the Impact of “Die-Cut Stickers” in Marketing

Through our numerous blog posts, readers may have noticed that we consistently emphasize the influence of “print media” on aggressive offline marketing strategies. Stickers, especially Die-Cut Stickers, are among the most popular types of print media that can seamlessly integrate into marketing efforts, catering to diverse objectives.

What are Die-Cut Stickers?

Die-cut stickers are a type of stickers that are printed and cut into specific shapes as per the customer’s requirements. They can be produced in both small and large sizes, offering not only aesthetic appeal but also convenience and speed when used for sticker rolls, suitable for machine applications.

How Many Types of Die-Cut Stickers Are There?

Currently, there are various types of die-cut stickers available, each designed for specific purposes, which allows for versatility in material and cutting techniques to meet diverse demands. If you wonder how many types of die-cut stickers there actually are, the answer is provided below.

Three Types of Die-Cut Stickers Based on Materials

1. Die-Cut White Stickers

Die-Cut White Stickers are the most popular type of stickers, renowned for their white surface that facilitates easy printing of intricate designs. They are well suited for use as product labels on packaging, as adhesive seals for parcels, and for various other promotional purposes. Within this category, there are two subtypes:

  • PVC Stickers: These stickers offer flexibility and durability, making them resistant to water and sunlight. They are suitable for application on uneven surfaces and can adhere to packaging with curved contours, among other uses.

  • PP Sticker: PP stickers boast a smooth texture and vibrant colours. Additionally, they provide excellent water resistance and can be selected with either a glossy or matted finish. They are ideal for applying on smooth surfaces, owing to their high surface tension.

2. Die-Cut Paper Stickers

Die-Cut Paper Stickers are an affordable option suitable for budget-conscious individuals or businesses with relatively low printing volume needs. They are a cost-effective material and easy to produce, making them a convenient choice. These stickers are available in both white and off-white variations. They exhibit a high tolerance for heat, withstanding temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius. However, it’s important to note that they may not offer optimal water resistance.

3. Clear Die-Cut Stickers

Clear Die-Cut Stickers are another popular type that has gained significant traction, especially among coffee shops, cafés, and bakeries during their booming trend. These stickers stand out due to their transparent PVC material, which provides excellent water resistance and moisture resilience. As a result, customers frequently prefer them to apply on coffee cups, beverage bottles, and other products, including skincare items. The clear appearance adds a modern touch to the branding of these products.9

Types of Die-Cut Sticker Techniques

1. Cloud-Cut Technique

This technique involves cutting multiple places of stickers on a single sheet, employing a rounded-edge design, with a minimal white border left intact. This meticulous cutting process ensures beautiful, clear-cut edges, resulting in stickers that are both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

2. Kiss-Cut Technique 

The Kiss-Cut or Half-Cut technique is highly recommended for large-sized stickers. In this method, the cutting lines do not penetrate the backing paper entirely, allowing for easy removal and immediate application of the sticker on the desired surface. It eliminates the need for painstakingly peeling off the backing paper, making it a convenient option for those seeking effortless usability.

3. Die-Cut Technique

Lastly, the Die-Cut technique is a favoured option, especially for signage and large-scale logos. This method involves custom-cutting the sticker according to the desired shape, without any border or unnecessary details. These stickers adhere smoothly and seamlessly, perfectly or achieving a refined, professional finish.

Benefits of Using Die-Cut Stickers in Offline Marketing

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✔ Enhance the brand visibility through a unique presentation of designs, logos, colours, and overall branding identity

✔ Facilitates marketing activities, stimulating engagement between customers and brands by using stickers as rewards, points, or souvenirs after participating in events.

✔ Provides cost-effective and impactful advertising, creating motivation for viewers due to the distinctive designs at a lower cost compared to other printed media.

✔ Ideal for guerrilla marketing campaigns,  stealthily spreading creative viral content with a low budget, suitable for brand or product promotion in public advertising spaces such as mall floors, roadside, banners, and more.

Summary! Elements of Designing Useful Die-Cut Stickers

  • Suitable shape that accommodates text and various elements.

  • Appropriate size for different applications, large for attention-grabbing campaigns, and small for packing.

  • Colour selection that matches the brand’s corporate identity and product to reinforce customer recognition and recall.

  • Suitable materials based on usage. For products exposed to water, humidity, or heat, opt for durable options such as PVC, PP, or coated paper. For general use, paper-based stickers are cost-effective and readily available.

  • The cutting style that caters to specific needs, whether Could-Cut, Kiss-Cut, or Die-Cut, considering the purpose of use.

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