We agree that custom stickers are one of the coolest marketing tools when it comes to promoting a business. This is due to the fact that people appreciate having stickers around and think about them as gifts. Most people use stickers to decorate their personal stuff such as laptops, water bottles, or even cars! It is a great way to tell other people that they support your business or maybe because the design itself just complements their personal belongings. Stickers are cheap, flexible, easy to peel off, and can be customized to any shape, colour and sizes. Sticker printing with your logo on it can help promote your business. In this article, you will find out more on how you can use stickers to boost sales and improve your business image.

Packaging branding

Creating a package design that leaves a lasting first impression is beneficial in many ways, from attracting purchasers and establishing a different image from competitors to building a connection with customers and further promoting. Well packaged goods will look even better with the addition of stickers. Whether you're using envelopes, paper bags, boxes, tubes or more, placing a branded sticker on them makes it more eye-catching to customers. 

Freebie during events

Stickers are a cost-effective way to order them in bulk. Handing out stickers as freebies on certain occasions that involve crowds could help promote your brand. Stickers can create excitement for customers who show up. Therefore, when designing stickers, be as creative as you can since people are mostly attracted to the design and colour displayed on stickers. If they like it, they will definitely talk about it, along with your business, products, or services. You could also use stickers to announce some exciting news about your offers or discounts. A tempting offer will make your sticker even more engaging and interactive.

Product labeling


Business owners use stickers to display product information or ingredients to help customers make a decision before purchasing the item. Product labelling is also one of the approaches you can do to promote your brand logo along with contact information on it. People are aware of the effectiveness of product labels. Since the first impression always matters, therefore, you need to start thinking on designing a unique label that allows customers to determine what the contents are before they start reading it.

Advertisement in your surroundings


Wherever you go, stickers are everywhere. You can find them on the walls, floors, windows, poles, cars, etc. Especially during the pandemic, stickers are one of the most important sources of information. Most of the time, businesses used stickers for advertisement purposes. With stickers, you can do things such as having promotional stickers in a mall, or you can create sticker arrows leading customers to your store. Promoting your brand has always been the priority, adding your logo, contact details, QR codes and web address on the sticker will make the word spread. As long as you have your own unique design and call-to-action on your stickers, you will not go wrong with them.

There are many ways a business can do with sticker marketing. From product labelling, branding, freebies to promotional items, you can boost your sales and make your brand noticeable to public eyes. This affordable item should be added into your marketing plan. With Gogoprint, you can customize your stickers depending on your needs and preferences, we can help you get exactly what you want! We offer many kinds of stickers along with various materials, sizes and shapes.