Why Gogoprint Cares About Transparent Pricing

One of the differentiating factors of Gogoprint’s website and service, which we are extremely proud about, is the highest degree of pricing transparency for all of our products. Indeed, our product configurator (especially the new one) allows you to quickly have an overview of the prices that Gogoprint charges for any given product configuration, and to easily see how different configuration choices (such as paper, format, refinement) affect the price of your print product. This empowers you to make the best decisions, because you can access 100% of the necessary information 100% of the time.

An additional reason why transparent pricing is great news for customers, is equality. Our transparent pricing ensures that nobody is disadvantaged or on the contrary, gets preferential treatment when printing business cards, flyers, or any other product. The problem with non-transparent pricing, while it leaves more space for negotiation, is that sellers can charge various prices based on their general mood, their need for money, or any other reason that they think they might have. This leaves them to take advantage of small buyers, which lack a lot of negotiating power. In reality, no customer should be taken advantage of and charged higher prices than other customers.

To serve all customers better and treat them with fairness and equality, Gogoprint chose to create one of the first websites in Thailand with 100% pricing transparency. The internet offers access to information like never before, and our website gives visitors access to all the information that they need to make the best decision for their printing needs. We are extremely proud of this, and this blog post is aimed at pointing out to our customers why pricing transparency is good for them. All in all, we care about pricing transparency because we care about you!