This is the third year of the pandemic and it has significantly changed the way we observe Ramadan and celebrate Eid. Many people remain to spend their time at home as the pandemic continues, however, there is no doubt that the local businesses will prosper and be even better in some aspects this year!

The Best Time to Increase Brand Exposure

This is a perfect time and a great way to increase your brand exposure! People are likely to explore more interesting offers and events during this time of the year. If you are looking for the most affordable way yet effective and fun, we would suggest you use a sticker strategy to increase brand recognition. Stickers are a very effective tool to increase sales and awareness if you manage to deliver the right messages. You can include messages such as inspiring Ramadan quotes, discount codes for the next purchase, or just a simple message to remind them about your special offers and events. 

When getting your sticker printing, make sure to order them in a large quantity because this is how it works. The keys to increasing your brand exposures are to be creative, bold and consistent. If more people receive and share the same message, the more successful you are!

Announcing The Biggest Promotions & Special Events

This is the perfect opportunity for businesses to reach out and connect with customers because, during Ramadan, everyone has a tendency of hunting down great promotions or events. If you are wondering what you should prepare to make the word out about your offers, the answer is flyers or leaflets! It depends on how do you want to promote your business. 

If you want people to know about specific promotions or events, consider getting flyers to highlight the important messages. Flyer printing is very budget-friendly, you can order them in large quantities without having to worry about the cost. If you want to give your customers flexibility to choose the packages you offer for them, consider using leaflets since they can deliver more details and information than a flyer can do.

F&Bs Are The Most Focused Industry

The restaurants are at their peak during the month of Ramadan. People are looking to spend time with family or friends while celebrating Iftar or breakfast together, which makes this a great opportunity for F&B businesses! For restaurant owners, if you are looking forward to a huge success of sales during Ramadan, make sure you have prepared the most important tool, which is menu printing! With so many restaurants offering their own versions of tasty treats, believe it or not, you do not want to take this opportunity lightly! Because we are aware, during fasting, all your customers like to think is food and drinks, so make sure to get the order and try more of your delicious treats from your creative menus!

Shopping Season - Sales Increase By 50% (At Least!)

During the Ramadan season, sales increased by more than 50% in many industries. Most businesses have prepared their marketing strategy at least one month earlier. Getting sales during this month is easy if you manage to market your business using the right approach. Sometimes an online announcement is not enough! Let your customers know that you are offering unresisting deals with banner printing. Customers will be more inclined to enter your store if they see a banner announcing discounts and deals. This is the best way of attracting people who walk by, as well as those coming from far away!

Everyone Loves Money Packets Giveaways

YES! Everyone loves money packets giveaways during Ramadan. Money Packets or more popularly known as ‘sampul duit raya’ among Muslims, are very common gifts. People love collecting different designs of money packets, especially from big brands. And on Eid celebrations, they will distribute them to the children, the elderly, and even to their friends from the office. They became the most interesting marketing tool during this season because they are very effective to increase brand recognition. All you have to do is, pick the right design, the best quality of paper material and include your logo with business details on the money packet printing.

If you are aware of how marketing works during the Ramadan season, do not ignore the knowledge! One month of the right strategy could improve your sales and branding for months to years. If you are ready to get your print items ready, reach out to Gogoprint and we will go BIG together!