Go Green! Print Green! Whether you are working for a small business or a huge corporation, using eco-friendly and recyclable products is a step in the right direction for maintaining sustainability. However, changing your marketing strategy to a more eco-friendlier approach may take some time. Which is why you can start by printing Gogoprint’s eco-friendly items! Not only can you boost your marketing revenue, you can even lessen your impact on the environment as well. 

Without further ado, take a look at our top 5 eco-friendly printing products below, and you'll be on your way to market in a sustainable and attention-grabbing manner.


Recycled Business Cards


One of the best ways to get started is to try out recycled paper for business cards. With our recycled business cards, your card not only looks more stylish, it is also more likely to stand out among other business cards. Furthermore, we offer a variety of recycled paper, such as Beyong Paper, Sensation Gloss Recycled and Keaykolour Snow White, some of which are FSC-certified papers. 

These cards are ideal for any kind of business, especially those that focus on arts and crafts or those that support the environment.


Kraft Stickers


Next is our retro-looking Kraft Stickers, which are ideal for brands associated with nature or arts and crafts. This naturally brown material looks great when dark colors are applied on it, such as green or black color. Kraft stickers can also be written on, so it’s great for events or when you need to add extra information onto your labels!


Kraft Paper Bags


Other than the usual business cards and stickers, our Kraft Paper Bags are also made from recycled kraft paper. With the reduced usage of plastic bags, paper bags are now the more popular option among industries. Their biodegradable properties makes them easier to recycle and used for purposes like composting. The paper material also supports printing, which means you can freely personalize the bag with your brand’s logo, design and message for your promotional needs.

At Gogoprint, we offer two options kraft white or kraft brown. They also can come in various sizes and handles, which you can select and customize the paper bag to your preference. 


Recycled Postcards


Recycled postcards are the sustainable, cost-effective and charming way to connect with your clients, families or friends. Here, we offer two types of paper material, which is the kraft card or beyong paper. Regardless of which you choose, these postcards will leave an impression on the receiver! Our postcards are similar to our recycled business card in that it gives your cards style and an authentic look.


Recyclable Promotional Items


Last but not least, our wide range of eco-friendly promotional products combines practicality and sustainability. Ranging from the natural wheat straw bottles to canvas bags, you can never go wrong in printing with these products as they’re all great marketing tools to invest into. You can easily print your logo / design onto our promo items through silk screen, which can improve your branding experience and also make them amazing promotional gifts for customers! 



As of today, people are more eco conscious than ever before — reusing, recycling, DIY projects, reducing plastic etc have become a common aspect in our lives now. Printing with eco-friendly products may seem like a small step, but doing this sets the stage for a future transition to more sustainable company practices.

If you’re ready to go green, you can try out our wide range of eco-friendly products! At Gogoprint, we also offer eco-friendly gifts that are ideal to give to your clients, while demonstrating your eco-awareness at the same time. So feel free to check us out!