Why PDF is needed for printing, and how to upload your file(s)

Why you need PDF?

Many of you might wonder why we (very) strongly encourage that all uploaded artwork files should be in PDF format. We will cover a few of the main reasons in this piece. We will also quickly walk you through the uploading process.

1. First of all, PDF is a widespread (universal) cross-platform file format (originally developed by Adobe)

○ You can save your file in PDF format from pretty much any platform or program (e.g. Microsoft Word, Google Docs etc.) making it very easily accessible for anyone using a computer and allows anyone to save a file in this format without having any major difficulties

○ PDF files work on almost any operating systems, so whether you are an avid Windows fan or just really love Mac, there is one passion all computer users have in common...PDF (they even work on your phone nowadays)

2. PDF files can be viewed within reader programs or simply the Internet browser on any computer

○ Once again, this is just a very handy feature as it makes files in this format very user-friendly and easily accessible by anyone

○ If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can just download it for free (this program will allow you to view and print PDF files)

○ If you wish to edit files which are already in PDF format, then you will need Adobe Acrobat Pro (which is not free and takes some getting used to)

○ This is why it is best to do all your design and editing work in other file formats and then as a last step saving the complete file as a PDF before uploading it on the Gogoprint website for printing. You can read more on how to do that here.

Gogoprint Blog: Why PDF is needed for printing, and how to upload your file(s)

Rule of Thumb:

Any document within a program which is capable of printing, can generally be saved/converted into a PDF document

3. Another upside to PDF formatted files is that the saved file will retain the original appearance/layout/print quality

○ This is crucial for our business as our customers have a specific vision when designing their printable products. We do not want any of this vision to be lost in the file transfer process or due to any format-related (and unwanted) design alterations

Anyone anywhere can open a PDF file and it will always be exactly the same, provided that images are embedded and fonts outlined (and therefore it will be printed looking exactly the same)

4. PDFs are usually quite small in size compared to some other file formats

○ PDF files are compressed high-quality files

○ This can be useful when you do not want to completely fill your hard-drive storage space with huge files or if you live in a country which might not always have the most stable internet connection (....Thailand). PDFs therefore make it easier to transfer, send, and upload your artwork files

5. Finally, it just makes the jobs of our design and production staff here at Gogoprint that little bit easier

○ Instead of receiving hundreds of files in different file formats which then have to be checked and converted before printing, we just receive one file format which can then receive all our attention (this is great to develop strong processes)

○ It is standard for us to check these files for common mishaps (if you do not know what these are, feel free to click the items below for more details)

1.Missing bleed

2.Missing safety

3.Convert RGB to CMYK

4.Wrong format size

○ Additionally, it is always better for us to see the exact same artwork file on our screens as you would see on your screens at home or at the office (the PDF format avoids visual distortions, remember?)

○ We understand that considerable amounts of work have gone into creating your artwork to meet your needs, and we want to do everything we can to make the final printed product identical to this

○ Lastly, this is also why it is free to upload PDF files, whereas you are charged a small fee for uploading other file formats (so why not just save the money and grab a beer instead? Cheers!)

○ Now that you understand some of the benefits associated with using PDF file format, you’re almost ready to print!

○ Below are a few details about the uploading process on our website:

Once you chose the product you wish to print, selected various product options along with quantity and delivery speed, you will PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to submit your order to us.

It is important for you to know that the upload stage of the Gogoprint printing process only comes at the end!This is mainly because we only want customers to upload their files to our system if they are 100% ready to order. The only way to ensure this is to only allow people to upload after the payment stage. Image what a mess we’d be left with if everybody could just upload their files, even if in the end, they decide not to print.

4 steps leading up to the final file upload:


○ This is an obvious one. If you have an account, login. If you don’t have an account, register.


○ Add your billing and shipping address (can be the same or different ones)


○ Add your preferred means of payment


○ This is where it gets interesting, you have two options:

A. You can upload your artwork PDF file here and now

B. You can also just log into your account on the Gogoprint site and then access My Account > View Order > Upload Artwork)

This is also where the link in the confirmation email will lead you to upload your files:

This should clear up any of your questions about why PDF files are most suitable for printing jobs. You also have a better overview of the simple file upload and checkout process on the Gogoprint site. Feel free to order and upload your PDF artwork files now.