Months into the pandemic has caused the ultimate shift in the way we work.In this article, we will shed some light on Malaysia’s workforce and how we are moving forward. Today, we’ll discuss WORQ, a company in collaboration with Gogoprint

Redefining the Definition of a Workspace:

Some companies have taken the bold step of allowing all employees to work from home permanently while others have introduced a hybrid work model to encourage flexibility.

While it seems that many corporations are taking different approaches to adopt this new fashion of working, it's clear that the workforce now have strong preferences towards flexibility and agility in how they work. Therefore, this causes us to rethink the functionality of a workspace. The future of work has evolved in a manner that makes it easy for employees to work, allows employers to save yet does not disrupt productivity. 

What WORQs For You:

WORQ envisions that a workspace should be treated as a flexible and agile service to suit the changing demands for a flexible and collaborative workplace.

WORQ was built with the intention to change how people work – for the better. Its founders, Stephanie Ping and Andrew Yeow, had the idea to disrupt the real estate industry by setting up a coworking space. This idea to close the gap in the real estate industry, which only focuses on the leasing & renting of office spaces, was to assist the majority of businesses in Malaysia, which are the SMEs, to be able to set up an office and run it at a lower cost. The underlying motive was also to establish and nurture business communities to grow under one roof, where resources and access to opportunities could be housed under one roof.

Over the years, coworking spaces have mushroomed across the country. Nevertheless, as pioneers in this industry, the differentiating factor is the emphasis on their business community. WORQ aims to build a community of like-minded people, making a hub dedicated for collaboration and innovation. With such values etched into their mission, WORQ is for all, to learn and to grow!