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Offset Catalogs
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  • ProductOffset Catalogs

General Information

  • FormatDIN A4 Portrait
  • Pages8 pages
  • BookbindingAdhesive binding

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  • Paper260g Art Card
  • ColorsFull Color on Front & Back
  • FinishingNone

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  • FormatDIN A4 Portrait
  • Pages8 pages
  • BookbindingAdhesive binding

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  • Paper260g Art Card
  • ColorsFull Color on Front & Back
  • FinishingNone
  • Quantity pieces
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Offset Catalogs Product Details

Print Offset Catalogs Online

Print high quality Offset Catalogs to:

  • Present your company’s products and services
  • Provide extensive details about your company and its offering
  • Let people conveniently and quietly browse your product/service catalog offline
DIN A4 PortraitDIN A5 PortraitDIN A6 PortraitDIN B5 PortraitDIN B6 PortraitDIN A4 LandscapeDIN A5 LandscapeDIN A6 LandscapeDIN B5 LandscapeDIN B6 LandscapeDIN DL PortraitFront & Back70g simili paper80g simili paper100g simili paper128g Art Paper157g Art Paper210g Art Card260g Art Card310g Art CardFull Color on Front & BackBlack Color on Front & BackNoneNoneLamination MatteLamination GlossyUV CoatingLamination matte + spot-UV (1-side)
  • 310g Art Card paper:

    310g Art Card is the heaviest paper that we offer for the inside of your offset catalogs. Absolutely perfect if you want your catalog to feel as qualitative and premium as possible

  • 260g Art Card paper:

    260g Art Card paper offers some of the advantages of our 310g Art Card paper, but at a lower cost. Picking 260g Art Card paper is a good way to limit cost for your premium catalogs while maximizing the sensory impact of your vision.

  • 210g Art Card paper:

    210g Art Card paper is a great entry opportunity for premium offset catalogs printing. It is highly appreciated for its low cost, and its classier feel and look, which makes it the perfect balance for many.

  • 157g Art paper:

    157g Art Paper will give your high volume catalogs a sturdy and premium feel. Reflect the quality and premium aspect of your company, and make a lasting impression.

  • 128g Art paper:

    128g Art Paper offers some of the advantages of 157g Art paper, but at a lower cost. Picking 128g Art paper is a good way to limit cost while maximizing the sensory impact of your offset catalogs.

  • 100g Simili paper:

    100g Simili paper is one of the most popular options for offset catalog printing. It is highly appreciated for its low cost, and its classier feel and look over 80g Simili paper. The perfect balance for many.

  • 80g Simili paper:

    80g Simili is the lightest and most cost-effective inside paper when it come to catalog printing with Gogoprint. Although it is our lightest paper, high quality is assured. In addition, it allows you to keep the weight of your offset catalogs low, which is important if you mail/ship them!

  • Glossy Lamination:

    Lamination consists of a thin plastic film covering your offset catalogs and protecting them against water, scuffs, and worn edges. Choosing Lamination adds elegance and quality to your products, emphasizing your own standards. Glossy Lamination reflects light, and will give colors more pop and vibrance, which is perfect for photos.

  • Matte Lamination:

    Lamination consists of a thin plastic film covering your catalogs and protecting them against water, scuffs, and worn edges. Choosing Lamination adds elegance and quality to your products, emphasizing your own standards. Matte Lamination almost completely eliminates glare (light reflection) issues, and gives your catalogs a classy, smooth touch.

  • UV Coating:

    With UV Coating, your offset catalogs are covered with chemicals and then treated with UV light to protect them and give a shiny look that accentuates colors. UV Coating adds a high quality touch that improves your catalogs’ impact, and protects them from external influences.

Why Print Offset Catalogs?

As already mentioned, print catalogs are a traditional sales and marketing medium that are used to put on display a company's product and service offering, targeted at its existing and potential customers. Companies usually print catalogs and either make them available in their stores for customers to take home, or mail them directly to consumers' address. For example, Ikea is probably an example that everybody knows, where the company drives massive sales through its catalog which is available in-store, or directly mailed to the customer. While the rise of internet over the last decade has meant that the number of mass retailers relying on catalogs shrank, more and more specialty retailers picked up the tactic and stepped up their catalog game. 

Even fully digital retailers see the use of mailiing their print catalogs to their customer base. There are a couple of reasons why customers usually love to browse through a physical catalog rather than an online catalog. First, computer screens are more tiring and harmful for the eyes than paper, and everyone can feel that. That's why, if you want people to spend hours browsing your catalogs, you should print your catalog! Second, there is something about holding, smelling, and flipping the pages of a catalog. While it is reminiscent of a time without internet, it also allows users to mark their wants, highlight certain products and jot down notes which they can quickly get back to.

In addition, since beautiful brand or retail catalogs have become quite a rare thing, they feel very special, and inspire people to spend more time in them. As such, printing catalogs represents an opportunity for niche brands and companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and stick in their customers' minds. While more and more commerce is conducted online (through e-commerce), it actually still makes sense to print offline catalogs, since there is a wide degree of interplay between online and offline. More and more, customers' shopping channel is becoming multi-channeled, and customers who use more than one channel are the most valuable. Indeed, while customers might discover your brand or browse your offering offline, they might still end up ordering on your website out of convenience. 

If you print catalogs for you business, it is also relatively easy to track the results and therefore its success. Indeed, you know when the catalogs are mailed, or more or less when they were distributed, so you can assess the impact that they had on your sales. In addition, many catalogs nowadays include QR-codes, which customers can scan with their phones to directly open the product on your website and order. This develops extensive synergies between offline and online, and helps with tracking too.

While print catalogs are a tool to exhibit a company's products, they also help companies tell their story and therefore serve as strong drivers of differentiation and brand marketing. They are critical in engaging customers, as well as driving revenue.

Of course, the quality with which your offset catalogs are printed matters a lot. Browsing through a catalog need to be enjoyed by its reader, or otherwise it will negatively affect your brand's image. They directly reflect your business’ dedication to quality and customers. That is why Gogoprint exclusively relies on the highest quality and most reliable offset printing equipment, to ensure that your offset catalogs come out exactly like you want them. To make sure that you control the look and feel of your brochure, as well as its cost, Gogoprint offers you a variety of options from paper weight and type, to cover paper, refinement, and bookbinding. Printing offset brochures and catalogs is often a complex process, which is why our dedicated staff is ready to support you with any questions. For more information on how to close your catalog artwork, have a look at our dedicated artwork section.

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