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Available Formats

We offer various formats to suit your different needs.

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Available Papers

You can choose from these available papers.

Available Window Options

Window and non window envelopes are available in various sizes.

Available Security Options

Security envelopes are designed and manufactured with a built-in security system. You can choose between our security patterned or plain envelopes.

Peel & Seal

The peel & seal should be your go-to option, as it has a removable strip that provides a quick, clean seal upon contact without moistening. The paper strip keeps the adhesive free of dust.

Benefits of Envelopes

Printing envelopes brings true value to any company and marketing campaign. They are a creative and affordable way to get your brand across potential business prospects and improve awareness. You can choose from our range of envelopes that best fits your needs.

We encourage our customers to come up with new designs and variations when printing envelopes. The primary goal should be that the envelope designs enhances your brand’s perceived value. As Malaysia's leading online printing service we provide affordable print products to help your brand gain an unforgettable first impression.


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