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Details about ordering Bill Books

  • For more information about Bill books and the available options, have a look at our blog post on the matter
  • For serial numbers, please provide an excel file listing all the numbers to use.
  • Need larger quantity? - Please contact us via Email: [email protected]Phone: 03 2856 0791 or simly use our Live Chat.
Bill Books
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  • ProductBill Books
  • Number of plyNCR 50g 2 plies
  • FormatDIN A5 Landscape
  • Number of sets50 Sheets
  • ColorsBlack & White Color on Front Only
  • Serial Numbers (4 TO 7 digits)None
  • Perforated LineNone
  • Quantitypieces
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  • Number of plyNCR 50g 2 plies
  • FormatDIN A5 Landscape
  • Number of sets50 Sheets
  • ColorsBlack & White Color on Front Only
  • Serial Numbers (4 TO 7 digits)None
  • Perforated LineNone
  • Quantity pieces
  • Expected Delivery
  • File format Free
  • File check Free
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  • Payment has to be made before Friday, 12:00 PM. For bank transfer payment, transfer slip has to be sent.
  • Late payment could lead to a delay in delivery times.


  • Artwork files have to be uploaded before Friday, 12:00 PM. Late upload might lead to late delivery.
  • Only one artwork can be uploaded per order item.
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Bill Books Product Details

Print Bill Books Online

Print Bill Books with Gogoprint to:

  • Send personalized invoices or receipts to your partners.
  • Get until 5 copies of your files.
  • Ease your record using forms perfectly suiting your needs.
NCR 50g 2 pliesNCR 50g 3 pliesNCR 50g 4 pliesNCR 50g 5 pliesDIN A4 PortraitDIN A5 PortraitDIN A4 LandscapeDIN A5 Landscape50 SheetsFull Color on Front OnlyBlack & White Color on Front OnlyNoneVariable DataNonePerforated Line
  • All Gogoprint bill books are available with 50g NCR copy paper (non-carbon copy paper). You can choose between different numbers of plies, depending on the number of copies that you need.

  • NCR 50g 2 plies:

    2 ply NCR paper will provide you with one single copy in addition to the original bill or invoice.

  • NCR 50g 3 plies:

    3 ply NCR paper will provide you with 2 individual copies in addition to the original bill or invoice.

  • NCR 50g 4 plies:

    4 ply NCR paper will provide you with 3 individual copies in addition to the original bill or invoice.

  • NCR 50g 5 plies:

    5 ply NCR paper will provide you with 4 individual copies in addition to the original bill or invoice.

  • Perforated Line:

    By default, you can of course remove all copied sheets from the bill book. If you wish to be able to remove the originals as well (maybe you would like to place them in separate folders for example), make sure to select the ‘Perforated Line’ option.

  • Variable Data Printing:

    If you wish, you can print bill-books with individual serial numbers between 4 and 7 digits by picking the ‘Variable Data’ option.

Why Print Posters with Gogoprint?

In a world characterized by intensified digital messaging and digital information transmission, well-designed and well thought-out posters represent a refreshing change of scenery. Smart use of colors, images, and text suscitates pleasure with the people viewing the poster, and unconsciously awakens their curiosity and attention for your brand or service. Posters have been and remain the advertising medium of choice when it comes to prominent display of important information in public spaces, with the possibility of accurate and precise targeting. Printing posters and displaying them in the correct places might just give your business a big boost!

Posters remain one of the most universal and most visible advertising media around, and therefore their design is particularly important. What’s crucial is to skillfully blend effective ad design, correct targeting and geographical positioning, and eye-catching poster printing. Our blog post on powerful poster design is an absolute must-read in this aspect, and will definitely help you boost the ROI of your poster campaigns. In a nutshell, you have to clearly outline the goals and targets of your poster campaign before designing your poster itself. Only once you are clear about your campaign’s objectives, can you start to design the perfect poster to achieve them. Figure out which message you want to communicate to your target audience, and which visual elements and calls-to-action are likely to push them to take action based on that message. The last crucial element of designing an ad poster campaign, is to pick the optimal place to display your printed posters. Choose a place where your target audience is highly concentrated, and has time to look at your posters. A poster campaign that is well thought out in these three areas has extremely high potential to perform very well.

While you can print advertising posters purely for attracting new customers or sharing your latest promotions with your target audience, you can also print large format pictures or photographs to hang indoors in your restaurants, cafes, gyms, or stores. Together with a glossy finish, this really makes the colors come alive, and your custom posters will absolutely shine and create the atmosphere that you were searching for. If you are a photographer or designer, and want to share your work with family and friends, or want to sell it in a small limited edition, you will be glad to hear that Gogoprint can print your own posters starting from 10 pieces. The thing is, printing posters is not only for companies that want to display them on the subway and all around town, high-quality posters can also be printed to liven up places, through the inclusion of inspiring visuals and images.

Whether it’s for advertising, mood setting, or distributing your art, every poster printed with Gogoprint can be customized just the way you want it. Posters are always printed in full colour, on the front only or the front and back depending on your preference, in a variety of papers from 130g to 230g, and with a choice of 3 different post-print refinements. Make sure that you visit our artwork-closing section to make sure that your posters come out exactly the way that they need to, without any negative surprises.

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