"Hey, is there a difference between leaflets and flyers?" is one of the few common questions we get in Gogoprint.

As for our answer, yes there is! Both terms may share similar characteristics, but they have distinctive features that make them called a “flyer” or a “leaflet”. In this article, we will talk about the characteristics for both items and their respective roles when you use them for your marketing purposes.




Flyers are known to be one of the most cost-effective advertising tools in the marketing industry. They are usually in the form of flat, rectangular and unfolded sheets, and can be printed in either single or double sided. Their relatively small size makes them perfect to hand out to passersby at the malls, streets, exhibitions, events and more. Flyers typically have a shorter lifespan than leaflets due to the fact that they are mostly known as ‘throwaway marketing’, where they are usually discarded after displaying the advertisement for a limited time.

Gogoprint has a wide variety of flyer printing options for you to choose, from the paper material to the finishing of the flyer, so choose what you see fit for your marketing campaign!




A leaflet is very similar to a flyer, the contents of leaflets generally are more complicated, well thought-out and come with a more professional design. It usually comes in a form of single / multi page folded paper. Thanks to the folding, the paper can be folded multiple times to create separate pages. Furthermore, there are many ways to fold your leaflets, such as letterfold, zig zag fold, window fold etc.

Leaflets can be utilised to target a more specific audience, so giving your marketing campaign a better budget can help you yield bigger results in the long run. Some businesses opt to place leaflets inside newspapers, magazines, shops and even restaurants so that it gets more exposure. 

The common leaflet printing size is A4 or A5 paper, but at Gogoprint, we offer options such as the quadri-fold A4, which is 4 times the size of an A4 paper. We even offer a nicer finishing touch to your leaflet with our latest option which is the premium leaflets.



In short, if you're looking for something cheaper and easier to convey a message, flyers are the way to go. On the other hand, leaflets might be a better option if you want a more professional and detailed approach.

Now that you have discovered the different specifications between flyers and leaflets, try printing with us when you have a new printing project in mind! Whichever option you choose, they will benefit your marketing campaign one way or the other.