Planning an event can be difficult and stressful. On top of planning it, getting people to head over to your booth could be a struggle too. One thing’s for sure, marketing materials are important as they play an important role in ensuring your booth is a success. 

If you’re not sure what kind of promo materials to use for your event booth, here are 9 popular marketing materials to consider exploring!

Benefits of Attending Events

1. Generate more leads and sales 

Attending events could be beneficial as it’ll offer a more targeted audience. Besides that, it’s much easier to capture their contact information as the potential customers engage with your promotional activities or materials. 

2. Build your brand awareness

One of the best ways to get the word out there about your business would be through events. When you attend events, it’ll create more exposure for people who haven't heard about your business before. 

Even if they don’t purchase your product or engage with your service, they would surely remember your brand. 

3. Build customer relationships

Events can foster a closer relationship with your customers. You’ll be able to engage with your customers on a one-to-one basis which makes them feel valued and appreciated. Compared to virtual connections, a physical interaction has the ability to build trust among each other. 


9 Printed Marketing Materials For Events

1. Display Banners 

Display banners are marketing materials for your events as they can swiftly grab the attention of visitors. Some of the common ones include pop-up banners and pull-up banners. They are generally large, making them visible even from afar. 

Besides that, display banners are wide enough to include the necessary important details of your products or services. Plus, they can be easily customised according to your preference of size, material and design.

2. Team Uniform 

Team uniforms serve as a way to connect the team as well as spread the word about your product or service. This ensures high visibility to the visitors and identifies your brand or business easily when your company logo and colours are used. 

A few examples of common team uniforms are caps, t-shirts and badges. 

3. Freebies or Giveaway 

Having freebies or giveaways is a great way to promote your company as everyone loves free stuff! Whether the items are water bottles, USB drives, notebooks, or pens, they are a great way to make a lasting impact even after the event is over. 

Furthermore, freebies or giveaways make your company stand out as visitors feel more appreciated as it shows that you value your customers. Getting visitors to try out your product or service for free gives them a chance to test your company out as well! 

4. Flyers 

Another popular promo material would be none other than flyers! They can be printed in large amounts while being inexpensive as well as can be easily distributed to a large number of visitors. 

The best thing about flyers is that you can distribute them before or after the event. Flyers are very versatile as they can be kept inside a bag or placed on tables and bulletin boards. 

5. Business Cards

Business cards are considered to be excellent marketing materials for business as they are great for networking purposes. They can be used to build connections and exchange personal contact information easily.

One of the major plus points of business cards is that they are small and portable so they can be easily carried around. 

6. Brochures 

Brochures are great promo materials for events as they typically include many details for visitors to learn more about your event or company. Compared to flyers which only feature one or two pages, brochures usually include several pages. 

Generally, people tend to be attracted to brochures. If the design is eye-catching and easy to read, then they’ll spend time going through every detail to learn more about your business offerings. 


7. Posters


Posters are great to be used at exhibition booths as they’ll capture the attention of visitors passing by to stop by your booth and enquire more. 


However, the poster has to contain valuable information to pull their attention! For instance, information describing how your business can help them improve or add value to their lives. Customers are always looking for products or services that make their life easier! 


8. Booklets

Booklets are considered useful promotional marketing materials as visitors can go through a whole set of pages to learn more about your business. 

When creating booklets, remember to include graphics such as graphs, images, or charts to make them more interesting. Don’t forget to highlight your main business offerings as well! 


9. Welcome Packs


What’s a better way to welcome your customers than welcome packs? Welcome packs are great marketing materials as they usually include a wide variety of items in one single pack or box. For instance, snacks, pens, and notebooks, to name a few. 


With welcome packs, it’ll make them feel appreciated and intrigued to find out more about your company. On top of that, welcome packs are good for branding as businesses can include the official brand logo, colours and so on.


Tips To Make Your Exhibition Booth Stand Out

There are a few marketing materials you can use to make your exhibition booth stand out among the crowd. Here are some of them: 

1. Create engaging displays 

Attractive, well-designed displays will surely give a significant boost to your exhibition booth! Some of the best display promo materials include pop-up banners, roller banners and banner flags. 

2. Use a clear tone and message 

It’s best to highlight the unique selling points (USP) of your business so that the customers are aware of why they should engage with you instead of other competitors. 

The key to attracting customers would be to convince them why your business is better than the rest! 

3. Offer giveaways 

Businesses that offer freebies will attract a large volume of visitors to the booth. However, if you can offer products which are useful or sustainable, that would be more beneficial for the customers. 


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