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  • ProductMenus
  • FormatDIN A4
  • PagesFront & Back
  • ColorsFull Color on Front & Back
  • Paper type157g Art Paper
  • FinishingNone
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  • FormatDIN A4
  • PagesFront & Back
  • ColorsFull Color on Front & Back
  • Paper type157g Art Paper
  • FinishingNone
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Menus Product Details

  • 130g paper
  • 310g Art Card:

    310g Art Card is the most premium paper available to print menus with Gogoprint. The heavy paper will ensure that your menu creates a premium feeling, and will help your restaurant or coffeeshop leave a strong impression.

  • 130g paper
  • 260g Art Card:

    260g Art Card offers some of the advantages of 310g Art Card, but at a lower cost. As the 'entry-level premium' paper, your menus will sure grab customers' attention.

  • 130g paper
  • 210g Art Card:

    210g Art Card is a mid-range paper option for your menus. It offers a great balance between strength, quality, feel, and price. That is why it is one of the most popular choice with restaurants and coffeeshops for printing their menus.

  • 130g paper
  • 157g Art Paper:

    157g Art Paper is the lightest and most low-cost option for printing menus. Despite the low cost, quality is guaranteed to leave a positive impression on all your customers.

  • Glossy Lamination
  • Glossy Lamination:

    Lamination consists of a thin plastic film covering your menus and protecting them against water, drinks, food stains, scuffs, and worn edges. Choosing Lamination adds elegance and quality to your products, emphasizing your own standards. Glossy Lamination reflects light, and will give colors more pop and vibrance.

  • Matte Lamination
  • Matte Lamination:

    Lamination consists of a thin plastic film covering your menus and protecting them against water, drinks, food stains, scuffs, and worn edges. Choosing Lamination adds elegance and quality to your products, emphasizing your own standards. Matte Lamination almost completely eliminates glare (light reflection) issues, and gives your menus a classy, smooth touch.

Why Print Menus with Gogoprint?

As a restaurant or coffeeshop, it's inevitable: you will need menus. They're the quintessential tool used by restaurants, bars, coffeeshops, and more, to display their selection of food, snacks, desserts, and drinks. As an extension of your brand and an integral part of your image, it's crucial that your printed menus live up to a certain standard. Accordingly, the design and print quality of the menus should be on point.

In terms of design, it is recommended to let your imagination run free. It can be quite hard to differentiate your restaurant, but your menu is an obvious place to start, as it can help you to position your restaurant in a unique way. If your restaurant is already positioned in a specific way, it is important to reflect that positioning in your menus. Forget about boring pictures of your dishes, and spice things up a bit with some nice graphical elements that align with your brand and contribute to strengthening the image that you are crafting for yourself. Some creativity and innovativeness will only look good on your brand! Thinking about it, it is actually quite surprising that so many restaurants rely on unimaginative and unattractive menus to sell their food and drinks. 

Once you have your original and unique design ready to print, it is time to start thinking about the actual printing. For your menus, you will want high quality paper, and you will need strong lamination. Indeed, as your menus might be left on tables and handled by people with dirty hands, it is likely that all sorts of food and drinks will be spilled on them. Those things just happen. Accordingly, you need to make sure that you print menus that will be able to take it. When you print menus with Gogoprint, you have the choice between a variety of high-quality papers, from 160g to 300g in grammage, which will help keep your menus in a mint-fresh state throughout their life. With low quality paper, the risk is that the constant opening and closing of the menus will result in cracks and tears. In addition, all of Gogoprint's printed menus come with lamination or UV coating, which you need to ensure that they can easily be cleaned of any drink and food stains.

Overall, print quality is an absolute priority for Gogoprint, which is why we rely only on the most technologically advanced and reliable printing equipment. Rest assured though, because printing menus with Gogoprint results not only in high quality, but also in low cost and free delivery all over Malaysia. Thanks to our online configurator and free delivery, printing menus is easier and more convenient than ever. If you need help with your artwork, don't forget to check out our dedicated artwork section to help you send in a perfect file for printing.

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