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General Information
General Information
How should I close my artwork? Are there any particular requirements or recommendations?

For detailed help on how to best close your artwork file, please visit this page. It is very important that you take note of these recommendations to ensure the best printing quality for your products.

How should I upload my artwork?

To upload your artwork, please click Upload Artwork on the checkout success page, or do so under My Orders in your Dashboard (accessible by clicking Welcome… on the top right).

Which papers does Gogoprint offer?

Gogoprint offers a wide variety of papers for your products. However, only a handful of these will be offered per product, based on market standard. For a detailed overview, please click here (link to related page from paper booklet).
Please contact us by phone if you would like a quotation for a custom order.

Which refinements does Gogoprint offer?

There are three different types of refinement offered by Gogoprint based on the product you select: UV Coating, Lamination Matte, and Lamination Glossy.

Which products does Gogoprint offer?

Gogoprint offers a wide variety of products and is committed to offer always more to satisfy all of your printing needs. To see our current offering, please visit our homepage.

What is a custom order?

Custom orders are any orders for product configurations that are not available through our website. They involve an even higher degree of customization, with characteristics (paper type, refinement, format, etc.) that are not an option on our online configurator.

How can I get a quotation for a custom order?

To get a quotation for a custom order, please contact us by phone or email to discuss with someone on our sales team.

I want to get a quotation but have no Gogoprint account. How should I proceed?

Except for custom orders, you can only download a quotation from our website if you have a user account. Please create a user account, and configure the product you want a quotation for. Once you get to the Extra page, click DOWNLOAD QUOTATION before adding the product to your cart.

How and where can I give my opinion about and recommendations for Gogoprint?

A certain amount of days after receiving your order, you will receive an email from us asking for ratings and recommendations. If you have time, please follow the instructions in the email and tell us what you liked about our service, and what we could improve.

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